Cocktails southbank

THE Place for Cocktails on Southbank

Did you know BearBrass Eating & Drinking does a pretty mean Cocktail? It’s true.

Marvellous creations will relax you as the Weekend is Welcomed (though they still pour great Wines and throw together a mean Scotch and Coke together too if that’s more your jam).

What Adult Beverage do you crave on a Friday? We can never go past anything coffee and that’s why BearBrass’ The High Flying Martini made with Patron Cafe Incendio, Espresso, Kahlua, Chocolate and Caramel is going to get a workout by us this evening.

“180 years ago, Melbourne was, albeit briefly, was known as “Bearbrass”. This namesake is now a Southbank icon where you will find one of the best views. BearBrass Eating & Drinking delights with share plates…”
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