Sherlock Holmes Inn

Discover Melbourne like a Professional

Looking for something to do this week? There are plenty of daily free activities to explore Melbourne and our city’s stunning architecture. Not just for tourists, the ‘Welcome to the Library‘ tour is one that will have you snapping pics from start to finish.

Afterwards, we suggest you take your inquisitive self to the Sherlock Holmes Inn on Collins Street for a bite and a beer, or cake and coffee. (In this weather we suggest Sherlock‘s Spotted Dick Pudding with warm custard and ice cream.)

“You don’t have to be a sleuth to locate quality. The Sherlock Holmes Inn on Collins Street has served up traditional grub and beers from the Motherland for over 30 years and this basement bar will have you wondering where the time went…” Read the rest on Melbourne Bars and Pubs‘ Free 2020 Smartphone App.