The Fitzroy Beer Garden

Melbourne Hospitality Closes for COVID-19

We are so gutted about what has happened to Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality scene. We understand that this drastic measure is for public health and stricter measures will no doubt follow, but we also personally know hundreds of fantastic people who are now in deep despair and jobless.
Whenever possible PLEASE support local businesses. Your choices matter now more than ever. Sort takeaway or delivery food and booze through venues directly where possible, or via a delivery service App as the next best option. Using small operation bottle shops and buying Australian made products will also help keep people employed.
Melbourne’s diverse and high-quality food and beverage scene is what makes this city. It will return, down the track, and when it does we’ll party like we’ve never done before!
Stay with MBP on Social Media for ways to keep your mind active and make sure you check in with your neighbours, family, and friends.
Stick together Melbourne, we got this.